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About Us

Discover Our Roots, Embrace Our Vision: A Journey Through Our Story And The Values That Kept Us Growing

Founded in 1992

Nes Komerc is a well experienced business entity specialized in international stock transportation.

Over the years our fleet and professional team has grown both in number and in experience reaching the whole new level of professionalism and work ethic.
Now, it has grown to be one of the biggest companies in this sector.

What We Do

Nes Komerc offers its services to worldwide based clients who are in need of stock transportation covering international relations.

Our vehicles and professional team is always available to respond to any request considering organization of the transport, loading/unloading solutions and custom operations.

All of our vehicles are covered with CMR insurance, making your goods insured through the entire process of transportation.

Where We Operate

Nes Komerc is based in Macedonia.
We are oriented in Western Europe, and our distinctive red and blue colored vehicles can be often found in most of the cities around Europe.

Our operations include relations Balkans-Western Europe-Balkans.
Any request that include these relations will be taken into serious consideration by our administrative team, and you will be informed promptly about our possibilities.

Values Of The Company

Our togetherness

We work for and with each other and always look for the good in our fellow human beings. Everyone is equal regardless of hierarchical position.

Culture of Questioning

We solve problem situations through constructive questions and thus expand knowledge and skills. He who asks leads!

Culture of Honesty

We are honest and kind to each other and approach conflicts proactively and head-on. Our actions are always legal.

Liver Error Culture

We own up to our mistakes and draw the right lessons from them.

Customer Orientation

We orient our actions at all times to the wishes and needs of our customers and provide above-average performance for them.

Respectful Treatment

We treat our fellow human beings and the goods entrusted to us with respect and use our resources sparingly. Success doesn’t make us proud.

Quality and Service

​We are fully committed to the highest quality and the best possible performance. We don’t stand still, we are constantly evolving.

A Nice Story of Nes Komerc Doo

Our Team

Senad Idrizi

International Transport Manager

Jasin Ramadani

International Transport Manager

Kristina Simovski

Accounting Department

Aleksandra Simjanoska

Accounting Department

Maja Ilievska

Fleet Manager