Because our mission and our strategic aims are permanent profit increase by solving transport and logistics needs of our clients and our main satisfaction is when our clients are happy with our service!

Our company NES-KOMERC d.o.o. is seated in Tetovo, R. Macedonia , is established since 1992  and our main service is International Transport of Goods. Through the years we worked and developed to increase the quality of the services and professionalism by cooperating with most biggest transport companies from our country and abroad, we took knowledge, have build experience to maintain a high level and main aim that we had posed, and that is satisfied customers and our business co-operators.

Our main activity is transport, but we also offer services like customs mediating, warehousing the goods, delivering the goods to customers warehouse etc. Transport relations that we usually do are: Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo to Italy, Switzerland, Germany. The most to Italy and from Italy to Switzerland, Germany and conversely.

We do full, collective and special transport of goods which we execute with most sophisticated trucks and we constantly increase our vehicle fleet.
Through the years we proudly walk forward and we notice permanent increase in supplying new and modern vehicles, and also with employees who has knowledge and capacity to answer to every new challenge. Quality and professionalism were our main aims from the beginning of company establishing, and still are.




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