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Our company NES – KOMERC d.o.o. seated in Tetovo, Macedonia more than twenty years works in International Transport of Goods. Our work includes lot of duties and responsibilities which are set by our customers that we are obligated to accomplish.

Because of that NES – KOMERC d.o.o. in its own team has very educated and professional employees who can leads the entire process of transport to the unloading place. Also, they can offer you answers and solve all the questions and dilemmas regarding transport, customs or other administrative offers.

Beside expert and professional team, success in our business also constitutes quality of our fleet. In the moment we have the most modern vehicles for the transport we made with constant tendency of raising the number of our vehicles with one and only aim – improvement the quality of our offer.

All our vehicles are covered by CMR insurance which means that the goods that we transfer is safe through the entire transport process to the unloading place. 

NES – KOMERC d.o.o. to the present day worked hard to took its own place that deserve and classifies  us like one successful , serious and professional company which can stand in need  and with its own offers can satisfy even most fastidious. We are specialized and we have experience which we made through the years just for better offer and most quality transport that we execute. 

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